Dharma Morning

Most Saturdays*, 11:00am - 1:00pm.

The morning takes place in two halves. In the first half, we will introduce one of our meditation practices. After a short tea break we will look at an aspect of Buddhism with an opportunity for discussion.


We introduce traditional teachings of the Buddha in a way that is accessible and practical to everyday life in the modern world.

We have a set series of 11 topics that we cycle through, covering Buddhist ethics and meditation theory. While you are welcome to start coming at any point in the cycle, you will get the most out of the class to start coming towards the beginning of a cycle.


We teach two Buddhist meditation practices: Mindfulness of Breathing, for developing awareness, integration and clarity of mind; and Mettā Bhāvanā (“development of loving kindness”), which brings about a gentle but radical transformation of our emotional world. Each week we alternate between the two practices.

The meditations are led, but usually aimed at a slightly more advanced level than our Newcomers Night or Lunchtime Drop-in classes. If you are new to meditation, please let a member of the team know and we can give a more detailed instruction.

* From time to time, there may be breaks when there is a weekend retreat or a centre Open Day. Be sure to check the programme below for details.


Encounters with Enlightenment
Stories of the Buddha's life from the Pali Cannon
Date Subject
9th FebuaryThe Mustard Seed
16th FebuaryNandavajra and the Nymphs
23rd FebuaryA Youthful Challenge
2nd MarchThe Beautiful Mangro Grove
9th MarchBahiya of the Bark Cloth
16th MarchUgga of Hatthigama

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to have been coming?

The class is best suited for those who have learned both of the meditations we teach by coming on Newcomers Night or an Introductory Course.

Do I need to book?

No - just turn up!

Is it okay to join in the middle of the series?

Absolutely. Though of course you'll get those most out of the class by attending the whole series, there's no need to wait until the start of the next series if you want to start coming.

What time should I get there?

We start fairly promptly 11am. You're welcome to arrive any time from 10:45am, but please try to not arrive before then as the team may still be setting up.

How much does the class cost?

We don't charge for our classes, and the team are not paid for their time. We simply ask that those who are able to do so make a donation to the centre to help us cover our running costs.

The suggested amount, based on how many people come and how much it costs to run the centre, is £7, but this is not a fixed cost and everyone is equally welcome, even if you cannot give anything at all.

We can take donations by card or cash.

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Where to Find Us

We're just off St. Botolph's Roundabout, across from the Colchester Town Station, just to the left of Mersea Road. Parking is available in Napier Road Car Park (first right off Mersea Road), a few minutes walk away, for £1.50.

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